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Wood stove conversion program

Next award date: October 4, 2021 for Box Elder County residents

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The Utah Department of Environmental Quality offers a wood stove conversion assistance program that allows qualified homeowners to receive a subsidy or voucher to convert their stove to a gas fireplace. Eligible applicants are issued an award voucher that expires 30 days from the date of issuance, unless the recipient enters into contract with a program approved vendor. The project under this program must be completed within 100 days of receiving an award.

Here are a few of the eligibility requirements (please refer to the State of Utah’s program details for up-to-date information):

  • Must be the legal owner of the home. Commercial and rental properties are not eligible.
  • Limited of 1 incentive award per household.
  • Fireplaces/wood stoves must be used for significant amount of home heating. Homeowners who occasionally burn wood in fireplaces/wood stoves are not eligible for this program.
  • Gas fireplaces (with or without gas logs) are NOT eligible!
  • Retroactive projects are not eligible. You must have a valid award in hand before beginning this program.

Once you’ve been approved and receive your voucher, come visit us at Advanced Fireplace & Stove to redeem it and get your fireplace upgrade project started!